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Painting Course (4times)




4 times

About the Course

Beginner's Techniques and Exploration Painting Course:

This course is crafted for beginners eager to delve into the world of painting, emphasizing hands-on exploration and skill development. Key features include:

  1. Technique Intensive Sessions:

    • In-depth focus on various painting techniques, offering step-by-step guidance for skill enhancement.

  2. Color Mastery:

    • A dedicated module for understanding and applying color theory to create vibrant and harmonious compositions.

  3. Material Experimentation:

    • Hands-on experience with a variety of painting materials, allowing participants to discover the unique properties of each.

  4. Tool Exploration:

    • Introduction to different tools, brushes, and implements, exploring their impact on texture and style.

  5. Creative Freedom and Expression:

    • Encouragement to experiment with materials, fostering individual creativity and expression.

  6. Practical Projects:

    • Engaging projects designed to apply learned techniques, providing a platform for experimentation and artistic growth.

  7. Personalized Guidance:

    • Individualized feedback from instructors to address specific challenges and refine newly acquired skills.

  8. Colorful Palette of Possibilities:

    • A dynamic approach that goes beyond traditional boundaries, allowing participants to develop a diverse and unique artistic palette.

  9. Showcasing Results:

    • Culmination in a showcase or portfolio, spotlighting the evolution of skills, techniques, and personal artistic expression.

This course is not just about painting; it's a journey of exploration, experimentation, and skill refinement tailored for beginners eager to unlock their artistic potential.

Your Instructor

Sandra Stanionyte

Sandra Stanionyte

Personalized Guidance:

Sandra is devoted to the development of each participant. In her classes, personalized feedback sessions are integrated, guaranteeing that individuals receive tailored guidance to overcome challenges and refine their skills. Sandra is passionate about unlocking the distinctive artistic potential within every student. Joining Sandra means embarking on a transformative journey guided by a globally recognized artist, where creativity knows no bounds, and the world of art unfolds in vibrant, inspiring hues.

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